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2016 PAGB Inter-Club PDI Championship

Morton Photographic Society attended these Championships for the first time in our history. There are 1000 photographic clubs throughout the country. Each Federation nominates it's best clubs to take part in this PDI Championship. Morton Photographic Society were one of the two representative clubs of Northern Counties Photographic Federation. This exciting competition held at the Arts Centre, University of Warwick saw fantastic work from all 39 clubs competing. Attendees to the event came from 74 different photographic clubs - so it was a great chance to catch up with people, socialise and put faces to names.

The eight top scoring clubs from the first two rounds went through to compete for the 'Darwin Clayton Trophy'. The remaining 31 clubs, including Morton, competed for the 'Don Morrison Plate'. Against tough competition we came 16th out of 31 clubs - a great result for our first time at these Championships.

PLATE COMPETITION - Final round total points and placing:

Doncaster Camera Club YPU 104 1st

Dumfries Camera Club SPF 103 2nd

Cannock Photographic Society MCPF 103 2nd

f8 Image Group WCPF 100 4th

Catchlight Camera Club NIPA 99 5th

Tenby &District Camera Club WPF 99 5th

Worksop & District Photographic Society N&EMPF 99 5th

Dundee Photographic Society SPF 99 5th

Mold Camera Club NWPA 98 9th

Ilkley Camera Club YPU 97 10th

Eastwood Photographic Society SPF 97 10th

Llandudno PS Photographic Society NWPA 97 10th

Colchester Photographic Society EAF 97 10th

Norfolk Photographic Group EAF 96 14th

Gwynfa Camera Club WPF 95 15th

Cambridge Camera Club EAF 94 16th

Morton Photographic Society NCPF 94 16th

Wrekin Arts Photographic Club MCPF 93 18th

Southampton Camera Club SCPF 93 18th

Northallerton Camera Club NCPF 93 18th

Guildford Photographic Society SPA 92 21st

Exmouth Photographic Society WCPF 92 21st

Field End Photographic Society CACC 92 21st

Windlesham & Camberley Camera Club SPA 91 24th

Amersham Photographic Society CACC 91 24th

Alsager Camera Club L&CPU 91 24th

Ashford Photographic Society KPCA 90 27th

Stafford Photographic Society MCPF 89 28th

Central Photographic Association NIPA 83 29th

Boscombe Camera Club SCPF 83 29th

Whitstable Photographic Group KCPA 79 31st

The images (and scores) used in Morton's entry:

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