Welcome to Morton Photographic Society!

Morton Photographic Society will be meeting via Zoom for the next few months.

Our 2021/22 season started on Thursday 2 September and we will meet weekly through to Christmas. 

If you would like to join us in these Zoom meetings - you would be very welcome

- please contact mortoncarlisle@gmail.com for further details.

The About Us and 2021/22 PROGRAMMES give lots more information about what the Club is like

and what we do and when we do it!

Our Club meetings will be at Dalston Victory Hall from 1st January

- at last we will meet up again in person!


Our monthly competitions have started again - see the Results 2021 tab above

Chinese Bridge Derwent Water
Incoming Tide
Amanita Excelsa
Towards Keld
Splash Of Light On Ranock Moor Island
Life In A Teacup
Meet The Wife
Bravo Barbers
Dr Jekyll And Mrs Hyde
Wet Day At Keswick
Boat Graveyard
Ashness Bridge
Abbots Bay, Derwent Water
Sunrise Whitby
The Path Ahead